News about the next Great Financial Crisis

Here i will aggregate news from Mainstream Media about the inevitable Great Financial Crisis that’s coming:


The United Nations is losing staggering sums to corruption, mismanagement and bad decision-making [source]


ECB Hands Italy An Ultimatum: ‘Obey EU Budget Rules Or We Won’t Save You’ [source]

IMF readies for further danger signals in emerging markets [source]

Central Bankers Defend Fed After Trump Accuses It of ‘Going Loco’ [source]

Pakistan formally requests ‘financial assistance’ from IMF [source]


Italy’s Banks Stumble Into a New Crisis [source]

IMF: Venezuela’s annual inflation rate will surge to 1.37 million percent by the end of the year [source]

Rupee Fall Has a Surprising New Reason: India’s Central Bank [source]


Central bankers won’t have enough ammunition to save us from the next downturn [source]


The Tyranny of the U.S. Dollar [source]


American creditors say China should honor pre-Communist debts [source]


US stocks hit fresh record on booming economy [source]

Who went to jail for their role in the financial crisis? [source]


Preventive measures will not stop the next financial crisis [source]


Global debt now worse than before financial crisis, says IMF [source]

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