1st Teaching: U R A $LAV€

You have been conditioned to believe otherwise since birth but by know, maybe, it will be easier to understand.

Your precious mind is trapped isn’t it? To matter, to the material realm. To get this, to buy that.

You need, after-all. You need so much.

Nowadays it feels like the only way you can escape is thru the digital realm. The idea.

But this, like almost all the things you can image, keep your true-self (the idea, the spirit, the “you”) looked in a prison of matter. So, we are hardwired to look for the idea, the spirit.

They know this. But so do we.

Dopamine, on dopamine, on dopamine, on dopamine
Willingly been re-wired by clever agents within
Looping our reflections, our obsessions draw us in
Fix and fixation, no sentience beyond
We’ve become disillusioned – A Perfect Circle

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