A Bitcoin Revolution

Are we in a Bitcoin Revolution? Many have asked this question without knowing that the FIAT money they already lost “investing” is precisely how the revolution will occur.

In my humble opinion Bitcoin will repeat a series of cycles of contraction and expansion until it threatens FIAT money existence. Yes, this may be accomplished by creating bigger bubbles than the previous ones but that’s how the beast works: a black hole of reason that sucks all the bullshit!

As you may know by now, Bitcoin is actually designed to accomplished this. Finite, divisible, no third-parties, etc etc.

With growing pressure to end paper money and raging global debt, Central Banks will need a new world currency. Guess who’s up for the job?

But Lagarde and her friends already know this. The narrative now seems that countries will create their own digital currencies and those would be valued in BTC.

No guru knows what the hell THEY have in store for us down the road. But make no mistake, the market will take this Nakamoto thing to the stratosphere (and then take all your money if you don’t be carefull and smart).

Its now only a matter of when. It is done.

You’ll find plenty of fresh information on Lopp’s article about 2018 Bitcoin wild ride: https://medium.com/@lopp/bitcoin-by-the-numbers-2018-recap-68a91789d804

small archive of Bitcoin related news

Jan2019 Central Banks Moving With Caution On The Road To National Digital Currencies

Over 70 percent of central banks are studying central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), but few have firm intentions to issue them within the next decade, according to a survey by the Bank of International Settlements. [source]

Dec2018 Google gets bank license in Europe 

The same type of license has already been Facebook Ireland and the Amazon in Luxembourg. The Alphabet group has not yet provided information on whether the license now obtained will be used to launch banking services in other European countries. [source]

Nov2018 Central Bank Digital Currencies Could Have Legitimate ‘Role,’ Says IMF’s Lagarde

[source] The comments come a day after the IMF published a dedicated report on CBDCs, examining what it views as the pros and cons of the financial tool. Casting Light on Central Bank Digital Currencies