How the hell Mark Karpeles is still alive and… rich?

Mark Karpeles was the CEO of the infamous MtGox. Now he is back, still not murdered and worst, he would end up rich.

First of all, i am not a assassination adviser. But! if someone made me lose that much money… well! Anyway, lets talk about the news.

Mark Karpeles, who’d previously been charged with money laundering and embezzlement, was the CEO of Mt. Gox when one million Bitcoins were stolen from the exchange. At the time of the filing of the bankruptcy for the company the value was approximately $400 mln.

However, the creditors from the bankruptcy and former Bitcoin holders from the exchange had requested to be credited with Japanese Yen, but at the BTC price in 2014 at the time of the event – around $480.

With BTC prices rising more than fifteen times since the event, the value of the assets of Mt. Gox are now well over $1.3 bln, meaning that Karpeles would be left with the lion’s share of that value.

When the dust settles, after the former CEO lost $7 bln in user funds, he will likely walk away with $859 mln in net profits. Adorable.

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