5 free tools to check Cryptocurrency Prices

Coin Market Cap

Lets start with one of the most well-known. Coin Market Cap enjoys a good reputation and is very used by the newbies in the cryptoworld. As you will see, there are plenty more alternatives.



Growing every moth is Coin Checkup. It offers way more tools than CMC.  From 30 to 90 Day charts, fav coins, etc, you’ll find everything to be update with cryptocurrency prices.


Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch is another powerful resource, with many tools to keep your portfolio value on sight.


Coin 360

A good way to start your day a see how red and green you have to face. Not the most technical tool but indeed useful.


Coin Market Calendar

Not your usual “price checker” but as you may noticed already, cryptocurrencies prices are also moved by news. So, Coin Market Cal has been growing like wild fire. Don’t start your crypto trading without checking it up.



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