AudioCoin a revolution in the music business powered by Björk

Björk is encouraging her fans to purchase her forthcoming album with cryptocurrencies, giving them the chance to earn some AudioCoin too.

The Icelandic avant-garde icon’s ninth album, Utopia, is expected to be released on the 24 November. Teaming up with London-based Blockpool, a B2B blockchain framework, Björk has allowed for four different digital currencies to be used to buy her album. These include bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin, and audiocoin.

AudioCoin aims to be a decentralised music currency that rewards fans and artists at the same time.

Since 2015 AudioCoin didn’t catch the markets attention but now all that can change!

You can earn Audiocoins simply by listening to music at At the time i’ve written this the Wallet was offline so i could not try their service. But with bump from the worldwide known Björk AudioCoin, if it sees mass adoption, could very well turn the music industry upside down.

Visit AudioCoin official website here:

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