scam, do not invest

Ok, so one more copycat of Bitconnect. And again, some red flags that will make me forget this even exist. Is scam? I think it is!

As always, this is only my opinion. You MUST do your own research. Let’s get started with what they offer:

7000% ? Seems legit! 

Anyway, pay attention to the minimum investment each plan requires. Also very important is to know what “business days” means. Only 5 days out of each week, something that makes absolutely no sense in the crypto world.

Also, they have a “bounty” program to make them explode in social media. Something like this will not need any publicity, trust me. I find out about Bitconnect way before they start the Adsense campaigns you now see everywhere.

Even worst; i made a whois to the domain and guess what:

Also, check the “about us”. I could not find one single person online, from the CEO to their Marketing Director.

“Our company has brought together some of the best traders and they have exhibited excellent result for the past 7 years.”

7 years? The domain was register in August! And why would such good traders trade for you and not for themselves?

But maybe more important than all this: each withdrawal request can take to 72 hours! Oh, and if you really want to be even more fearful check their address in Google Maps. Yup, not even a office building but a fine art gallery.

So… i think you get the point. I will DEFINITELY not invest in this one. If you have any more info, please share it in the comments bellow.


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