The Spectacular failure of Bitconnect

If you are reading this, you know what Bitconnect is/was. January 16 was the day the pyramid collapsed stealing thousands of their precious BTC.

In a real free market, without government or banks intervention, we must trust in math. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

By this time, no one knows if BitConnect will remain with their new ICO, but they have confirmed that the lending program will cease. They release all the lock capitals after day offline with a supposed ddos attack. But they did it in BCC coins, that after the release of the news, felt to almost zero in both USD and BTC valuation, All this, just a few days after launching their pricey ICO, BitconnectX.

I think they will now focus on an exchange as it is planned in their BitconnectX roadmap

You may think “who the hell will be that stupid to invest in BitconnectX?!”. Never underestimate human stupidity. BitconnecX Tokens are selling now at 50$ ( ICO price!) so one must imagine that they will try again, and again. You, as your own bank, must now change your attitude towards “money”. If you wan to “invest” do it in a decentralized cryptocurrency of your choosing. “Trading bots”, “automatic profits”, “profitable lends” and so on are usually scams. Crypto gives you the power to control your own money entirely. Spend it wisely.

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