Is KuCoin closing? They say “no” but…

In a recent announcement, the exchange KuCoin said it is not related to and are wealthier than ever. But some evidence may say otherwise.

If you search Twitter or Facebook you will find many unanswered comments about some very quietly changes made by KuCoin. There’s no more “invitation link” and the “Kucoin Bonus” is not being paid for days now.

Many still think that KuCoin is having problems. Maybe because it grew so fast, maybe because they are preparing an “exit scam”. In my opinion, its the first one.

KuCoin is chasing Binance fast but that success in mainly because of their “KuCoin Bonus”. By simple holding their coin, you will get a percentage of ALL their listed coins. You can use this site to calculate how much their staking is (was?) profitable.

KuCoin is NOT answering these questions on social media for days and days, making investors even more nervous.

Was the growth too fast for them to handle? We will wait and see.

Read the full Clarification About China Regulations and

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