“The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.”

Jean Baudrillard

2019.04.28 This artificial intelligence can see through walls

“RF-Pose,” uses artificial intelligence (AI) to teach wireless devices to sense people’s postures and movement, even from the other side of a wall. [source]

2019.02.17 DARPA Taps AI to Link Troops and Military Machines via Their Brain

The ultimate goal of this research is to build AI into neural interfaces. In doing so, they hope to let human soldiers control, feel, and interact with machines via a remote connection. It will make the machines a proverbial extension of the soldier’s body, without putting the human at real risk. [source]

2079.02.07 China’s military is rushing to use artificial intelligence

The report says that China is moving quickly to add ever more AI and autonomy to military weapons systems. It confirms that the country’s leaders see emerging technologies, including AI, as a way to catch up with rival nations in the West. [source]

2019.02.04 Why AI hasn’t taken over the financial markets. Yet

While the full story is much more nuanced than the headlines, AI is indeed underpinning a genuine revolution – though one which is not well understood. But in investment markets the conventional wisdom says AI and machine trading already dominate. [source]

2018.09.25 This is why Google built an AI-powered lion that writes poetry

It’s an intriguing conceptual experiment about algorithms that produce original works of art, and the ways they can collaborate with humans. [source]

2018.08.26 Artificial Intelligence Is Now a Pentagon Priority

The Pentagon appears to be pushing ahead on its own, looking for ways to strengthen its ties with A.I. researchers, particularly in Silicon Valley, where there is considerable wariness about working with the military and intelligence agencies. [source]