AudioCoin a revolution in the music business powered by Björk

Björk is encouraging her fans to purchase her forthcoming album with cryptocurrencies, giving them the chance to earn some AudioCoin too. The Icelandic avant-garde icon’s ninth album, Utopia, is expected to be released on the 24 November. Teaming up with London-based Blockpool, a B2B blockchain framework, Björk has allowed for four different digital currencies to be used

Russia bans all VPNs

Once again Putin’s Russia shown the world how they dislike freedom. The new bill obliges Internet providers to block websites that offer virtual private network services. A popular use of VPNs in Russia is to circumvent blocked content online by rerouting one’s connection through a completely different originating country. Russia’s latest step in cracking down

Partnership between and SENSE Token and Sense Token will work together and investors may gain a 20% discount! Tyler Evans explains: As you know, aims to create the most institutional, globally-verifiable record of digital media assets. SENSE rewards users from their knowledge contributions around the digital world. Together, we are shaping the way human intelligence and assets are