SATURN brought the PLAGUE: a SPX analyses

You must be logged in to view this content.   December 21, 2019. I tweet something that few noticed but its been working as my thesis for now.

“But sir Breather i don’t care/believe in Astrology come on….” I don’t care what you believe. You’ll learn so above as bellow fast af with me. Lets focus on the chart. Last time was 1988

Lets see where this insane bull run has stopped? Yup, Dec 2019.

So, with this in mind, whats next. Prepare to be blown away:

I’ll highly doubt we have the gundpowder to still test the “2008 top line” but hey, its a Trump Presidency! IMO we will re-visit 911 line as temp support.

This would put SPX at 1900 range pretty soon.