Europe: Banks are attacking Bitcoin costumers… and their own employees

While Santander Totta is blocking all in and out wire-transfers to Coinbase, Northern European bank Nordea as forbidden its employees of buying digital currency. We all know that Bitcoin is a black-hole of FIAT money. And it is growing. So much that the portuguese bank Santander Totta e blocking all wire-transfers to Coinbase, one of the

Online Search Phrase ‘Buy Bitcoin’ overtakes ‘Buy Gold’

According to Google Trends, global searches for “buy bitcoin” have overtaken “buy gold” after previously exceeding searches for how to purchase silver. Last month, the amount of gold changing hands on BullionVault’s online trading platform dropped by almost a third from the 12-month average. This is a very very important indicator. This may mean that

AudioCoin a revolution in the music business powered by Björk

Björk is encouraging her fans to purchase her forthcoming album with cryptocurrencies, giving them the chance to earn some AudioCoin too. The Icelandic avant-garde icon’s ninth album, Utopia, is expected to be released on the 24 November. Teaming up with London-based Blockpool, a B2B blockchain framework, Björk has allowed for four different digital currencies to be used